The Rescue Mission

Welcome to the English short version of our website. This is a summary of who we are as an organisation and ways you can get involved. We believe that we can make a difference in the city of Gothenburg together. Don’t hesitate to join us!

Räddningsmissionen, The Rescue Mission translated, is a non-profit, social work organisation with Christian values based in Göteborg, Sweden. Since 1952 we have been working with people in different vulnerable life situations. We offer both immediate and long-term solutions to create change for the people we meet. The work we do is widespread and consists of a lot of different projects spread out across the city.

 Here are a few examples: 

  • Solrosen (The Sunflower) – a project for children who have a family member in prison that involves counselling for both children and the whole family, as well as activities together with other families in similar situations. 

  • Homlessness and social exclusion projects – we work with people in homelessness and other vulnerable situations by offering them a breakfast café, an emergency shelter and various other services. As well as this, we run weekly Street Church services where anyone is welcome to come.

  • Women in vulnerable situations – we work women in prostitution, human trafficking and other vulnerable situations by providing a protected shelter, individual support and meet-ups for women.  

  • Integration – through different projects we are working to make Gothenburg less segregated. We provide homework clubs in two schools and meet-ups for people learning Swedish. We also run a project called “Fadder”, where we connect a young person who has just arrived in Sweden with an older Swedish person.  

Supported Accomodation – we work to provide accommodation for people with psychological disabilities, as well as homeless families and young people in need of support.

Our Vision and Mission Statement 

Our dream is to live in a city where no one is left behind or excluded. Our city has great resources, but we also face great challenges. Even though there is a lot of wealth in our city, the social gap is growing wider and wider. Our belief is that everyone deserves a dignified life, and we are working every day to achieve this vision. To accomplish this we need all the support we can get; this is why we at the Rescue Mission join together with public authorities, companies, churches, foundations and private donors and volunteers. 

 Our mission is to identify, highlight and oppose structures that lead to or worsen exploitation and alienation in our society. To make this possible we engage in social work based on Christian values, working with three different strategies: action, mobilization and formation of opinion.

Get Involved!

En glad volontär på Räddningsmissionens frukostcafé i Göteborg.


There are currently around 100 people employed by the organisation, supported by around 300 volunteers. Volunteers are vital to our work and we are always looking for more people to join us! Giving your time and services to serve others is one of the best things you can do in life. 

Through years of experience working with volunteers, we have seen that it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Volunteers offer their time, experience and skills through a wide range of tasks:


  • Socializing with guests at our café

  • Helping kids with their homework

  • Visiting inmates in custody 

  • Volunteering at our various shelters

  • Assisting our maintenance staff 

  • Helping out with administrative tasks  

  • … and a lot of other things! 


You don’t need to be an expert in order to be a volunteer, you just need to be willing to share your knowledge, time and experience. If you are interested, we would be happy to tell you more about our volunteer programme.

For more information, please contact us



Our work wouldn’t be possible without the financial support of our amazing donors. We depend on donations from private donors as well as companies, churches and foundations. If you would be interested in supporting our work or donating to a cause of your choice then visit our website  to make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor. If you have any questions, or if your company is interested in donating money, products or services, please contact us: